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Hello, my name is Travis D. Koffler, Owner & Operator at N.O.S POOL & SPA.  We are  a locally owned company servicing Elk Grove & Sacramento, CA where our motto is Giving Quality - Taking Pride.  At N.O.S POOL & SPA we are honest, trusted and we take pride in our hard work ethic. When you begin a business relationship with us, we like to take it a step further and create a personal relationship. Here at N.O.S POOL SPA we believe in treating our customers as Family. We understand that you allow us onto your property so we treat every property, four legged friends, backyard and pool as if they were our own. When you join the N.O.S POOL SPA Family you will not ever have to worry about who or if someone is going to show up to provide you with the quality service you pay for every month. You will finally be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your investment. At N.O.S POOL & SPA We recognize that choosing a professional pool service provider is not always a clear choice. Let N.O.S POOL & SPA provide the clarity you need.



12 Years  Experience

Fully Licensed & Insured

Family Owned & Operated

No Extra Charges or Fees

No Contracts Month to Month

Online Billing  Auto Pay

Small Business Model

                                 True Monthly                    Specialist Pool 
                                    Pool Care                          Knowledge
                                                                                   * Chem Filter $105/monthly                                  * Plumbing Corrections       * Variable Speed Pump Instal
                                                                   * Chem Filter Plus $115/monthly                        *  Fresh Water Start Up      *  Equipment Orientation 
                                                                   * Chem Filter Elite $125/monthly                        *  New Plaster Start Up       *  Cartridge Filter Tank Clean
                                                                   * Chem Filter Full $135-$199/monthly              *  Spring Tune Up                 *  Pool Inspections
                                                                   * Plus Above Spa $10/monthly                             *Repairs


 Elk Grove & Sacramento, CA
Pool Maintenance Area

                                                                                          ELK GROVE  & SACRAMENTO CA.  (916) 582 - 1255

Creating Memories

Making Traditions

Dog Friendly

Savings on Products & Equipment

Cannabis Garden Friendly


Travis D. Koffler
Melissa M. Koffler

P.O. Box 1055
Elk Grove, CA.  95759

Travis (916) 582 - 1255
(Call or Text)
Office Tue-Fri  8am-5pm
Srvc Tue-Fri 7am-4pm
Repairs Mon 10am-2pm