We've decided to create this Donation Page because we've had many inquiries about how people can show their appreciation for what we do.

Reasons to Donate:
  • If you ever feel like we do more than you pay for
  • We don’t charge enough for what we do
  • Just want to help support a Small Family Run Business with a RockStar Stay at home Mom with our 4 homeschooled Daughters
  • Just want to give a Thank You gift
  • Just want to give a nice tip
  • Holidays Gifts or whatever else you can thank us for. ;))) 
  • Help reach one of our ultimate goals of becoming a pool builder
  • Help reach our ultimate dream of owning our own Mom & Pop Pool Shop :))

You can become a monthly donor or just a one time appreciation gift/thank you. From the bottom of our hearts we truly thank you for 
Blessing us with your support so we are able to LIVE this American Dream!!