We all need to work together so that your pool gets the best care it deserves.  Pool care is a very well orchestrated process and takes the pool professional, home owner, landscape, weather and properly working equipment all playing in sync to help prevent and extend the life of your property investment!


  • Pool maintenance is a monthly service
  • Pool will be evaluated on the first initial FREE visit
  • Pool must be in good condition and water balanced to correct standards prior to starting regular pool service
  • Additional charges to rebalance a neglected pool at customers cost will occur before regular service can start similar to a fresh water start up
  • No contracts no hidden charges or fees
  • A neglected pool will require extra attention from home owner or renter in between visits and will require additional chemicals at customers cost
  • Need to have a working automatic timer to be on our monthly maintenance service
  • Must have a working pool sweep or cleaner
  • Pool must run a minimum of three hours daily (times vary pool to pool and season to season)
  • Must have accessible functioning and locking gate
  • Equipment pads need to be clear and easily accessible
  • A clear path into backyard and pool needs to be maintained
  • N.O.S POOL & SPA INC. covers all costs in our control, additional fees may occur if base chemistry is lost due to over filling, flooding, pool neglect, leaks or draining.  Rebalancing all chemicals will be needed at customers cost
  • Please keep all toys out of pool when not in use.  This will help keep your pool and equipment operating properly
  • Service can be canceled at any time for any reason 
  • We DO NOT service Salt pools, Vinyl liner pools, Fiber Glass pools OR Above Ground pools
  • N.O.S POOL & SPA INC. emails all billing invoices
  • Billing is month to month with future payments (Payment is required before any service can start)
  • Payments are due on the first (1st) of the month, our payment must be received by the twenty-first (21st) of every month or a fifteen ($15) dollar late fee will be added to your next months bill
  • Accounts with a thirty (30) days past due will be discontinued or canceled if balance is not paid in full
  • Online payments, Checks, Cash, Money Orders and debit/credit cards are accepted
  • We are NOT a seasonal maintenance company our prices reflect a year round average
  • No paper statements, invoices to collect and file, no postage to worry about
  • Necessary items that have been replaced or need to be replaced, in order for proper pool function, health and safety, will be added to the next month invoice and communicated in the Notes section.
  • Billing is based on a 48 out of 52 week year split into 12 equal months. Rates are based on what it cost for 12 (4 weeks) of monthly maintenance. 4 weeks are scheduled off for our Family together time at no cost to you!
  • N.O.S POOL & SPA INC. is a dog friendly company
  • Aggressive dogs must be kenneled or inside home on your service date.  If an aggressive dog is left out on service date, that house will be skipped and a fee to rebalance the chemicals may occur.
  • All dogs should be introduced on first initial service date.  The meeting should be held by the owner and should occur in your pets territory, the backyard. 
  • I carry milk bone dog treats to help break the tension and build a relationship and new four legged friend
  • Swimming is allowed but not recommended, pools that are mainly your dogs and treated like their bath tub will cause major algae issues and problems with chemistry! Dogs are dirty and add phosphates to your pool on a extremely fast pace. Phosphates are super food for algae growth and come from everything, mainly organic matter from plants, trees, sun tan lotions, detergents, fertilizer and is the number one cause for black algae roots.  So pease limit dogs usage in pool, 1 dog is equivalent to about 4-6 adults and will raise normal phosphates levels in 1-2 weeks rather than 2-4 months and will require extra chemicals and filter cleanings at customers cost.  
  • If your pool is a dog oasis and not a human oasis, this is not a pool for us!  We do not service DOG Pools!! ;)
  • All pools on monthly maintenance must have a functional locking gate to protect the home owner/renter and N.O.S POOL & SPA INC. and to comply with California Safety Laws.
  • Walk way into backyard and path to pool needs to be clear and easy accessible
  • Equipment pad, automatic timer box and controllers need to be clear of all shrubs, bushes, branches etc to be properly serviced and evaluated each week
  • N.O.S POOL & SPA INC. works rain or shine but puts the safety of our employees first.  If the weather makes it dangerous to be outside working a pool may be skipped but the customer will be notified and the work will be made up on the next available day.
  • On severe rain days all service levels will be treated as chem only to ensure good water chemistry
  • For our safety there will be NO full service, NO brushing, NO netting, NO pole!! (Lightning doesn't strike twice in one spot, unless your holding a metal pole!!! ;)
  • Fall and Winter months (October - March) We ask that you please help keep up on your pool.  As this time of year most pools need extra attention in between weekly service from home owners/renters and pool technician.  In these severe conditions one day a week is not enough for 70% of pools to keep equipment and the pool functioning properly.  Typically your pool will need your help as well as professional help.  At this time of year your pool takes the worst abuse, please try to keep small and large debris out of the pool so sweeps and cleaners can function.  These sweeps and cleaners were not meant for large mass and are very much needed in this season to keep working properly.
  • Temperatures over 100 degrees, maintenance will be at the bare minimum and we will only do what is needed that day.
  • Extreme Windy Days when the danger of falling branches, tree limbs, furniture, umbrellas, etc. could hit and severely injure someone, maintenance may be canceled/stopped
  • Smoke, unhealthy air quality, high air pollution, maintenance may be canceled/stopped. 
  • N.O.S Pool & SPA INC. will take all major holiday days off.  The week of October 5th will be closed for our Wedding Anniversary, The week of Thanksgiving we will be closed, The weeks of Christmas and New Years we will be closed.  These are our Family vacation weeks.
  • N.O.S Pool & SPA INC. will be closed Memorial Day, Independence Day & Labor Day
  • N.O.S Pool & SPA INC. Chemical balancing only service holidays: All work will be at the bare minimum on the following holidays: President's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Veteran's Day, Travis' Birthday (December 5th)