Specialty Knowledge

Specialty Pool Knowledge
EQUIPMENT ORIENTATION $95.00/Hourly (if customer $65.00/hr)
  •  N.O.S POOL & SPA INC. will personally go over your entire pool system
  • Operation Instructions
  • Mark & Adjust valve positions
  • Review and Answer any pool chemistry questions
  • Review pool circulation
  • Review pool filtration
FILTER CLEAN $75.00 (on service customer $60.00/hr)
  • Clean all filter cartridge(s)
  • Lube all o-rings
  • Visually inspect equipment for any needed replacements or repairs
  • Rebalance of all pool chemicals (Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness & Pool Conditioner)
  • Visual inspection of equipment
  • Return visits every other day until completed (3-5 day process)
  • Six point water test
  • Empty out skimmer basket, pump basket, sweep bag, leaf canisters, screens, energy-bowls as needed
  • Clean filter cartridge(s) DE Filters additional $65.00
  • Lube all o-rings
  • Visual inspection of equipment and pool sweep
  • Spring Tune Up Basic (please see above)
  • Brushing of all walls, steps and shallow end floor
  • Detail and clean out all debris
  • Vacuum, skim, leaf master as needed